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Welcome to Avalanche Construction Inc.  We are a full service residential remodel general contractor that focuses on providing the best overall quality and experience for our customers in the greater Anchorage area.  Our core values are Integrity, Quality, and Value.  Integrity is doing the right thing when there is no one watching.  This is especially important as you are putting an enormous amount of trust in the company you choose!  Cost + Quality = Value.  This statement really rings true in the construction industry.  We never want to pay too much for a service, but at the same time, we do get what we pay for.  There is a balance, and we strive to achieve that balance.  We start with a in home free consultation to provide solutions for both common and complex problems related to the challenges homeowners face due to Alaska's unique climate. We then provide a detailed proposal and a customer portal that is easy to navigate, allowing you to become part of the project.  Long gone is the day where you are on the sidelines wondering what happens next.  We offer an interactive calendar, daily photos and updates, and the opportunity to tailor your projects to your specifications.  Click the link to request your free estimate now! 


It is our goal to provide you with a complete, comprehensive, and timely estimate for your projects that focuses on solving any related causes or issues.  It is important to know the cause of failure so we know what to avoid when planning a project.  We approach all of our estimates from a consultation standpoint.  We provide you with our knowledge so you are better able to make an educated decision for your project.  This includes related elements that may interfere and/or overlap your desired project.  For example, our roofing estimates not only focus on the roof itself, but we also look at the condition of your sheathing, ventilation, insulation, and exterior woodwork such as fascia and/or soffit and gutters.  Many projects are a sum of all it's parts.  While some items may need to be completed at the time of the project, others may be able to be deferred for budgetary or time frame reasons.  We believe in giving our customers all of the information and options so you can better navigate through the planning process.  We provide a vast amount of information, some that is often overlooked.  This is why it is necessary to have all interested parties and/or decision makers involved in the consultation.  Because of our experience in remodeling, often times we can provide a cost for these projects on our first visit.  If it is a complex project, we will develop the framework in which to proceed, often removing the ambiguity of what to do next.  Simply put, we take care of you every step of the way!  Please don't hesitate, call or click the link today for a free consultation!

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