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Avalanche Construction Inc. builds decks the right way!  From the design to the finish we know how to turn your vision into reality.  We start with quality materials and follow up with top notch craftmanship.  We can install pressure treated, cedar, or composite decking over a robust frame set on helical piles or cast in place footings.  We offer wood, vinyl, or glass railings to enhance the view and beauty of your deck. We take the extra steps to ensure your deck will stand the test of time.  We also build pergolas to provide an outdoor space that is great for entertaining.  We can walk you through the design process to bring your vision to reality!  Click the link above to schedule a free estimate!


We always use top quality pressure treated lumber of the appropriate dimension to build our decks.  This coupled with the proper zinc coated galvanized brackets will ensure the framing will last longer.  We use a special membrane on top of all joists to prevent moisture infiltration.  Also, when we use wood decking, we use a kerf cut to break the surface tension and allow the water to drip through rather than become trapped between the joist and the decking material.


Pressure treated 2"x6" decking is a great economical choice that will have durability and last for many years if properly cared for.  We fasten with a hidden fastener technique to keep the deck surface clean and smooth.


Cedar is a great choice not only because of the appearance, but also for its natural ability to prolong decay.  When cedar is installed with kerf cuts and proplery stained with a good oil based product, it will perform and look great for many years to come.  There are also tinted stains available to achieve the look you envision.  We use a hidden fastener technique to acheive a neat and clean appearance.


There are many different brands of composite decking.  We only use the most reputable and proven manufacturers' product line for our projects.  Available in single or multi chromatic tones, we can provide material that mimics the grain and colors of real wood!  There are many accessories that can be incorporated to provide continuity and flow.  We use a hidden fastener technique on composite decking as well.

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