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Durable LVP flooring with the best warranties in the market keep up with the busy demand of todays' lifestyle.  Kids? No problem!  High traffic areas? No problem!  On a budget? No problem!  Water prone areas?  You guessed problem!

With several wood finishes and edge design, LVP flooring is a great value!  So go ahead, let the dog in!


Pre-finished hardwood is a great choice if you are looking for a real hardwood with more options than a traditional sand and site finish hardwood.  Pre-finished offers more edge choices, finish types such as hand scraped or chattered surface, and hardwood vaneer thickness.  The install is also less intrusive, cleaner, and quicker.  Just click the link to request an on-site estimate from Avalanche Construction Inc.!



High quality raw wood installed and sanded down to a smooth uniform surface.  There are many different species of wood available to beautify any home.  Oak, Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, Tiger wood, and Wenge are just a few of the types of raw wood Avalanche Construction Inc. installs.  With many different stain finishes, types, and tints available combined with high quality wood, every floor is unique! 


Elegant, clean, and crisp.  Ceramic or porcelain tile and natural stone are luxury flooring products that are durable and can last a lifetime.  Tile and natural stone are great choices for families with pets, kids, and high traffic areas.  There are many different options with direction, borders, patterns, and color schemes that will give you that one of a kind look for your home!  Install in the entry way or foyer for accent, or in the kitchen area, mud rooms, and bathrooms.  Ask Avalanche Construction Inc. about radiant heat, showers, and counter tops.  Click the link to receive a free estimate! 

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