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From economy to luxury, there are many different profiles of       composition roofing products to enhance the look of any home or business. Architectural shingles are a great way to add depth and  

dimension to your roof line.  With many different colors to choose from, composition will compliment your home’s overall appearance.  Fiberglass composition shingles have a class A fire rating and are now available with lifetime manufacturers’ warranties.  We back up that warranty with a lifetime labor warranty.  Avalanche Construction Inc. installs complete roofing systems by GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America.



High quality PREMIUM CCA treated cedar shakes and shingles offer a very distinguished and substantial look.  Each shake or shingle is well defined by the previous or succeeding pieces giving the roof a rugged, yet elegant appearance.  Choose hand split cedar shakes for a more rustic look or choose re-sawn shakes or shingles for a more uniform profile.  


Our installation techniques are unlike any others.  We install a metal roof with literally ZERO exposed fasteners!  Metal roofing has come a long way since the old tin roofs where you hear every rain drop.  Choose an energy efficient steel 26 gauge or 24 gauge (24 gauge is thicker) roof system to add instant value to your home!  We even offer a marine grade finish designed to combat electrolysis due to the close proximity of salt water.  With up to 60% post consumer and 15% post industrial content, metal roofing is better for the environment.  Avalanche Construction Inc. features Premium Metal Products for all of your home and commercial metal roofing needs.  From standing seam, commercial mechanical seam, or soffit metal, we have you covered!


Beautiful ever changing slate is a wonderful product for custom homes to showcase a steep roof with many characteristic areas.  This roof is perfect for the our environment as the elements enhance the overall appearance of a slate roof.  Avalanche Construction Inc. can offer a real slate roof with half the weight and less cost than a traditional slate roof.  Ask about GAF TRU SLATE 2.0.  



Concrete tile is also a very stout roofing system that conveys elegance and style.  

Many different profiles to choose from to accent the roof-lines of any home.


Clay tile is the original tile roofing, known to last for over one hundred years.  With many different colors, designs, and accessory options available from manufacturers like Ludowici, clay tile is a very good choice for that one of a kind look.  


Synthetic roofing is quickly becoming very popular.  Many 

manufacturers offer eco-friendly products that register on the LEED scale because of recycled content and also manufacturing and distribution practices.  Some manufactures have products that are made from all raw materials but are 100% recyclable. DAVINCI offers a wonderful shake profile with many different color blends to choose from.  INSPIRE offers a very realistic slate profile with nine different slate patterns and the best color selection to choose from. You have the ability to choose a solid color or blended color scheme, or even choose a two-color blend with an accent color.  No two roofs are alike!  Click the link to request a free estimate!

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