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Rainscreen systems feature dry joinery and create a drained and ventilated cavity behind the wall to manage moisture effectively by returning rain water to the exterior of the building and allowing the wall cavity to dry quickly after a rain event. Plus, rainscreen systems permit continuous outboard insulation for maximum thermal efficiency.


Vinyl siding installed in South Central Alaska should always be backed with rigid foam.  This not only adds a slight R-value, but more importantly protects against damage from lawnmowers and weed eaters.  It also protects other contact made to the siding in cold weather.  The foam fills the hollow space that is common with traditional vinyl siding.  


There are many different grades of cedar shingle siding.  Avalanche Construction Inc. uses only the highest grade of cedar shingles.  These are sanded and trimmed to offer a very uniform look. Also the advantage to a premium product is the wear.  This product will look better over time compared to an economy grade cedar shingle. This does minimize cupping, cracking, and curling over its lifetime.  Avalanche Construction Inc. can install it raw, or we can pre-stain the cedar shingles for the highest quality install.  


Real cedar is beautiful.  Nothing says rugged like excellent quality cedar lap siding installed by our professional siding experts.  Hand mitered corners, special attention around doors and windows, and a clear sealant or semi-transparent oil based stain makes real cedar lap siding a perfect choice for a perfect home.

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